r128 DRI driver now fully functional on PPC

Gareth Hughes gareth at valinux.com
Mon Feb 26 21:06:21 EST 2001

Michel Dänzer wrote:
> "Timothy A. Seufert" wrote:
> >
> > At 9:02 PM +1100 2/23/01, Gareth Hughes wrote:
> >
> > >Run with LIBGL_DEBUG=1 and see what it says.
> >
> > This revealed what was happening.
> >
> > I set the project root to /usr/Xgart to avoid having to overwrite my
> > existing X11 installation.  libGL was trying to load r128_dri.so, but
> > it was looking under /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/dri, which doesn't even
> > exist.
> Strange, it should look in <ProjectRoot>/lib/modules/dri/ . Seems it didn't
> pick up the right libGL.

I'd say libGL.so is doing dlopen( "modules/dri/r128_dri.so", ... ) and
thus picking up the first instance of that in the dynamic loader's
path.  Similarly, applications linked with -lGL will pick up the first
instance of libGL.so, not necessarily the one residing under the current
X server's ProjectRoot directory.

It's very important you have ld.so.conf set to pick up the correct
version if you haven't installed the DRI-enabled X server in /usr/X11R6.

-- Gareth

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