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Fri Feb 16 16:40:56 EST 2001

On Thu, 15 Feb 2001, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote (regarding mmu
>No, I don't think you should worry about these. those messages simply
>need that the kernel ran out of VSIDs and had to re-assign them all. It's
>perfectly harmless as long as it doesn't happen too often.

Thanks very much for the info Ben. So far I have only seen it once. Knock
on wood.

regarding eth0 transmit timeouts:
>I'm more concerned about your network problems however. I beleive the
>chip is a GMAC chip with a 5201 PHY (can you confirm ?). With 2.2.18,
>you should not have transmit timeouts. If you have some, then there's
>either a bug in the driver (which seemed to be rock-solid so far) or, we
>are hitting a HW issue.
>Does the gmac driver display some version informations when the kernel boots ?

Here is the info I pulled out of my last boot log:

eth0: GMAC at 00:30:65:44:e2:ee, driver v1.3k2
eth0 PHY ID: 0x00406212
eth0 Found Broadcom BCM5201 PHY

 I usually get 3 of these a day, sometimes 2, sometimes 4, mostly they
coincide with really high traffic periods (150k http request per hour -
this server is 99% http traffic), but I have had some at what seem to be
low traffic periods (but this is rare).

 I haven't seen this on any of our other G4s, but none of them are taking
on anywhere near that amount of traffic. Do you suspect it might be a
hardware problem with this particular machine?



info about the machine:


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