Linux on XPC860

Sid sid at
Thu Feb 15 09:19:30 EST 2001

> One of the advantages of the MontaVista CDK is it's similarity among
> all processors and boards supported.  Since you were successful with
> StrongARM, PowerPC should be just as easy.

That is indeed assuring. :)

> You mentioned in your first message this was a Motorola board.  What
> is it?  If the LSP exists in the CDK, it should "just work" and be
> documented how to do so.  If the LSP isn't in the CDK, you have
> porting work ahead of you (and you are going to need lots more than
> the documentation for the board :-).  Did you purchase a subscription
> and are entitled to top quality Linux consulting support?  If so,
> call them.

My acquiring of this board was not in any of the standard ways, I'm afraid.
It was given to me by a friend and all I got was the board in a brown card-
board box, literally. So I have no documentation at all for it. The reason I
know it is a Motorola board is because it was printed on it. :)

> It's a Rev. C1 part, and a generic 860 (no 10/100 FEC, SAR, or
> enhanced CPM features), so you should be OK.  Not many silicon bugs
> left in that one.
> Have fun!

That is assuring as well. Thank you once again.


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