SOLVED: mesh SCSI bus locks hard on 7500 when burning a CD-R in

Robert E Brose II bob at
Tue Feb 6 06:53:31 EST 2001

User Michael Schmitz says:
> Unless Paul had specific reasons not to use the generic NCR53C9x driver
> code for the mac53c94 driver, I'd say we should start from scratch using
> the generic driver code base. I know it looks messy and a lot of the Sparc
> cruft should be stripped out (IIRC Sparc still uses esp.c) but it might be
> worth the trouble.
> Problem is, the only Powermacs I could use for testing are a 7100 and a G3
> (233 MHz desktop). Which one of these does use the 53C94?

I just did some online searching and wasn't able to find out. I
think the easiest way to find out would be to boot a kernel on each
machine and check the dmesg. You could just use a YDL or LPPC install
CD on the G3-233 but the 7100 is NuBus so you'd need to try the
experimental NuBus kernel.

I have a spare 7200 which I can use for testing as well.

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