ethtool failure with tulip 21143

Stefan Jeglinski jeglin at
Thu Dec 27 15:13:01 EST 2001

>  >>Try defining CACHE_ALIGN to CAL_32LONG, and DESC_ALIGN to u32 dummy[4]
>>>(as in the commented out example).
>>I will look at the de4x5 code again and try this. It's all vaguely
>  >familiar to me... Thanks much!

Yes, it has painfully all come back to me now. I originally switched
to the tulip driver because the de4x5 driver did not function with
the Farallon 10/100 PCI NIC, and I have now reconfirmed this. There
are no error messages when loading the module, but there is some
problem I can't diagnose. The switch lights indicating "it's alive"
never come on, and the network is not ever reachable. With the tulip
driver I can at least get that.

I remember further contacting the de4x5 maintainer about this, and
his response with apologies was that the driver is no longer being

I remember even further contacting Donald Becker about somehow
inserting this cache alignment fix into the tulip driver. No
response. So, any thoughts on how to proceed? I have no idea how to
get the fix into tulip to test...

Stefan Jeglinski

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