David Müller (ELSOFT AG) d.mueller at
Thu Dec 20 19:36:17 EST 2001


Seems like you are facing the same problem as i do. But IIRC i think you
have to adjust the code in include/asm/dma.h (and possibly other places)
as well (at least in 2.4.14, not sure about the later kernels).


What south bridge do you use? Some of the newer ones offer 32bit
addressing capability for DMA.

Adrian Cox wrote:

> The current 2.4-devel tree never assigns any memory to the ISA DMA zone,
> irrespective of the setting of ISA_DMA_THRESHOLD. As I'm currently
> trying to get a floppy working on a platform with 24-bit ISA DMA in its
> Southbridge, this looks like a problem.
> How do people feel about the attached patch? This should only change
> behavior for platforms which set ISA_DMA_THRESHOLD to a value other than
> 0 or (-1)L.

[stuff deleted]


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