kernel panic at boot [3c59x]

BURJAN Gabor burjang at
Thu Dec 20 07:23:37 EST 2001


I hope this will be the appropriate forum for this.

Perhaps you've read this on linux-kernel list too.  I have a problem
with booting 2.4.17-rc1 on a RS/6000 (43P-140), when Vortex support is
compiled into the kernel.  Andrew Morton helped me in debugging the

He suspects that the problem is around the `EL3WINDOW(0);' statement in
the 3c59x driver.  He wrote this:

"My guess would be that something has gone wrong with the PPC emulation
of `outw' to this PCI device's IO space."

I recompiled the kernel with the modifications suggested by him:

--- 3c59x.c     Sat Nov 24 02:06:05 2001
+++ 3c59x.c.changed     Wed Dec 19 21:09:31 2001
@@ -1111,7 +1111,9 @@
        vp->force_fd = vp->full_duplex;
        vp->options = option;
        /* Read the station address from the EEPROM. */
+       printk("(1) ioaddr=%lx\n", ioaddr);
+       printk("(2) ioaddr=%lx\n", ioaddr);
                int base;

The first printk showed the right ioaddress which belonged to the device
(shown by `lspci -v').  The second printk was not executed because the
kernel paniced before it.  He wrote it's definitely a platform issue.
Any suggestions are welcome.

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