AltiVec register ptrace support

Kumar Gala kumar.gala at
Sun Dec 16 04:44:43 EST 2001

> The Linux/PPC kernel supports PEEK/POKE for fetching registers.  The
> proposed Kernel interface _consistently_ extends that interface using
> the exact same mechanims to obtain the altivec regiters.  All the
> required changes for this have been posted and have been demonstrated to
> work.
> Separate to that, it has been _proposed_ that the PPC ptrace() interface
> be changed so that get/set reg for all register classes be added
> (incomplete patch posted).  Isn't this separate to the problem at hand?

I think you are correct they are separate issues.  I posted both methods
so we could decide in which direction we wanted to go with the ptrace
interface.  I would like to see the single word at a time interface that
currectly exists be patched to support AltiVec so we can get debugger
support working.  I would like this done to the 2.4.x tree.

- kumar

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