PowerStack interrupt?problem

Tom Rini trini at kernel.crashing.org
Fri Dec 14 03:06:58 EST 2001

On Mon, Oct 01, 2001 at 01:40:19PM +0200, Nils Krueger wrote:
> > > Goody, which? :)  I've got a 604/100 right here.
> >
> > The one that looks like a HiFi, with 133 MHz 604.
> It's called PowerStack Series E.

Same thing I've got.

> > > Hmm.  I sort-of wonder if the PS/2 changes a while back goofed something
> up.
> > > My kbd is fine too, and I'll try and throw a mouse on later this week.
> > > Can you grab the bk version and go back to 2.4.8, .7, et al and see if
> > > it works?  I think some PS/2 stuff was done in maybe .5 or .6..
> I had the same problem with 2.4.5, .7-pre3 and .8-pre3. I haven't watched
> the interrupts then, but it showed the same symptoms. (keyboard, mouse,
> network, scsi are stalled but graphic card is still working)

Okay, I just tried 2.4.17-pre8 (from _devel) on my PowerStack Series E,
and the ps2 mouse seems to be working with gpm (gpm -m /dev/psaux -t

Although it is worth noting that if i did:
while `true`;do cat /proc/interrupts ; sleep 2;done
Interrupts seemed to stop eventually.  It also takes ~100 interrupts for
a tiny mouse movement, which I'm not sure if is right or wrong..

> One keypress or release of a mouse button causes about 20 interrupts and
> sometimes one or two BAD interrupts. (BTW, it's the same on my so far most
> stable 2.2.17) Should be normally 4 interrupts (and of course no BAD one)?

Odd.  It seems to take 3 interrupts/keypress here (6 for up-arrow,

Tom Rini (TR1265)

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