2.4.17pre4-ben0: mouse goes wired after sleep on tibook

Michael Schmitz schmitz at zirkon.biophys.uni-duesseldorf.de
Thu Dec 13 19:02:58 EST 2001

> > That's even the ultra-latest (0.8-1) :-) The trackpad bug was fixed in
> > Stephan's source months ago as well. Blast YD for not keeping up to date
> > (or you for using an outdated distro) :-)
> I too would use Debian, but I would like to have iso images
> to install from. Do you know where I could get some recent
> (unofficial) isos for ppc ? At last, the real and only linux
> distro seems to be Debian..

Nope, I've had to resort to a Debian net install (for testing purpose).
The CD vendor list has some distributors on it that offer a devel snapshot
of Debian. Plus ask on the debian-powerpc list.

Other distributions I cannot comment on - I've never tried any except
Debian after initially installing LinuxPPC Q4 1999.


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