2.4.17pre4-ben0: cisco aironet driver x86 only / airport roaming support ?

Ralf Weidemann linuxppc at gatekeeper.informatik.fh-dortmund.de
Wed Dec 12 06:49:14 EST 2001

Derrik Pates wrote:

> On Tue, 11 Dec 2001, Ralf Weidemann wrote:
>>Should the cisco aironet driver work on ppc too or is it x86 only ?
>>I can load the modules, but the card seems not to work. Supports the
>>apple airport driver roaming with aironet 350 access points ? I can't
>>get both working and I wonder me if it should work.
> You are running pcmcia-cs, and not just loading the Card Services driver
> modules outright, correct? Because that will not work - you have to run

Until now I tried only modprobe the airo_cs and yenta_socket
modules per hand. Is there maybe a pcmcia_cs package for ydl
2.1 or must I install it from the official pcmcia_cs source
tarball ? Hmm, in the SUPPORTED.CARDS file from the pcmcia_cs
tarball I can read the line "[airo_cs driver] [x86]", hope
this is not true anymore.

Ok, I will try the latest kernel with the pcmcia_cs tools and
will see what happens..

Thanks Derrik and Ben !


> the pcmcia-cs agent daemon (cardmgr) to handle insertion and removal
> events, to configure device drivers, etc. If you are, make sure you follow
> Ben's advice about updating your kernel - he recently re-fixed a PCMCIA
> resource management bug in the kernel tree.
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