[PATCH] Permedia2 fb on PPC

Marc ZYNGIER mzyngier at freesurf.fr
Sun Dec 9 10:08:58 EST 2001

>>>>> "Michel" == Michel Dänzer <michdaen at iiic.ethz.ch> writes:

Michel> As I said, the driver assumes the register aperture is big
Michel> endian with Option "UseFBDev". And without, it will also try
Michel> to use the big endian aperture.

Well, with UseFBDev set to false, XFree works ok (although switching
between consoles seems to be broken...).

Michel> If there's really no way to use the big endian aperture on
Michel> some boards, the only solution I see is to change both pm2fb
Michel> and the glint driver to always use the little endian one.

Indeed. What are the sparc people doing about that ? They are already
using the little indian aperture in pm2gb.

Places change, faces change. Life is so very strange.

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