HIGHMEM + serial console + SMP + 2GB freeze on pmac

Timothy A. Seufert tas at mindspring.com
Sat Dec 8 09:25:14 EST 2001

At 6:07 PM -0600 12/6/01, Troy Benjegerdes wrote:

>This machine is an ealier Sawtooth G4 (7400) with 4 memory slots and 2GB
>of ram (I know, Macos does not support this).


>I'm going to try several other combinations of things, including taking
>one memory stick out since this could actually be that the hardware
>doesn't like that much memory.

MacOS X supports 2GB on Uni-N machines with four sockets, so the
hardware supports it.  I think the 1.5GB thing was just a consequence
of Classic MacOS having a fairly inflexible address space layout.
Tim Seufert

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