Changes to PPC Linux required for GCC 3.1

Corey Minyard minyard at
Thu Dec 6 12:41:43 EST 2001

Franz Sirl wrote:

>On Wednesday 05 December 2001 17:18, Corey Minyard wrote:
>>Franz Sirl wrote:
>>>Ah, I see, I only saw this problem in aty128fb. I'll add the fix to
>>>the linuxconsole CVS for 2.5.x.
>>What about 2.4?  I'm sure people will want to compile 2.4 with gcc 3.x.
>That has to go thru the usual channels.
And that is ....?

>Nope, probably I should add one, cause I don't have time to continue with a
>divdi3_32 pattern anytime soon :-(.
It would be pretty easy to copy it from libgcc2.  You don't want to do
this by hand, it's big and nasty in C, in assembly it would be a
nightmare.  You would have to do some license massaging, though, because
libgcc2.c is GPL with special provisions.  I can look at gcc, but it's
hard to tell how long something like that takes to find.


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