Changes to PPC Linux required for GCC 3.1

Paul Mackerras paulus at
Thu Dec 6 08:59:13 EST 2001

Benjamin Herrenschmidt writes:
> >
> >I think the reason this wasn't applied is that Paul said something about
> >thiws being horriyingly ugly.  Corey, can you post a patch that changes
> >RELOC(x) into a function and nothing else? :)
> I prefer this beeing resolved at compile time. The reason Paul didn't want
> it at first is because he didn't want a workaround for a pre-release gcc
> bug. Since this is becoming a "feature", it makes sense to get the
> workaround. Paulus will confirm or not what I'm saying though...

Actually, I'm annoyed that gcc thinks it can do something different
from what I have written.  If I wanted it to call memcpy instead of
strcpy, I would have written memcpy.  If I put in a call to strcpy, I
want the compiler to generate a "bl strcpy" instruction (assuming I
haven't declared strcpy to be inline of course).

This is the kernel, where we don't have a standard libc, and I would
much rather gcc didn't assume that it knows the semantics of things
like strcpy().  Does -fno-builtin achieve that effect?

Maybe the thing to do is to side-step the problem by having an extra
entry point for strcpy, called string_copy or something, and call that
instead of strcpy.


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