2.4.16-pre1 (stock) breaks java?

marc. h. heckmann at hbe.ca
Tue Dec 4 00:46:14 EST 2001


I recently installed 2.4.16-pre1 from the stock tree on my powerbook G3 and it
seems that it broke the IBM JDK (1.3.0). An strace just shows an endless
stream of "sched_yield()" with the CPU pegged at almost 100% system time.

This does not happen with 2.4.15-pre1 (also stock). Another datapoint is that
it does not seem to break the blackdown JVM.

The IBM JDK is available from ftp://ftp.suse.com/pub/suse/ppc/update/7.1/pay2

I am using glibc-2.2.4 from Mandrake cooker (binary).

It seems that some scheduling changes went into 2.4.15-pre9 (SCHED_FIFO).

Anyone have any ideas? The blackdown JVM has no JIT and is little painful to


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