airport + dhcp

Till Straumann Till.Straumann at
Mon Dec 3 16:10:50 EST 2001

 >>Did anybody meet speed problems when connecting an airport to a dhcp
 >>cable tv ISP?
 >>The speed is then incredibly slow, inducing timeouts for pop servers
 >>as soon as there are long messages to transfer.
 >>But the speed is quite normal with a real wire connexion between my
 >>powerbook and the cable tv modem (ie without the airport), when I use
 >>the same airport with a fixed IP adress at my office. It seems the
 >>problem happens only when combining airport and dhcp (under linux or
 >>I run 2.4.15-ben0 kernel on a pbg4.
 >>Thanks for help.
 >I'm afraid if the problem also happens with MacOS, it's an issue
 >with the station firmware. You'd rather report it to apple ;)

You also can try running Linux on the base station :-)

-- Till

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