[PATCH] Minor changes to control/imstt/platinum/valkyrie/atyfb

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at kernel.crashing.org
Mon Dec 3 10:59:53 EST 2001

>> Wasn't there a tool to fiddle and store the vmode/cmode stuff into NVRAM
>> tho which would probably work with all of the other cards?
>nvvideo, which could set either a video-mode or a color-mode, but I
>don't think the color-mode was the same thing as the cmode.  I had to
>use a color-mode of 3 IIRC (with a video-mode of 18) to get a decent
>display on a 7200 at work (which had a platinum FB IIRC).

Same problem, the information there is driver specific and the
tool currently use a fix offset instead of properly handling the
nvram device tree extension format (afaik). The cmode is also a
driver specific thing and is equivalent to the MacOS driver
"DepthMode" setting, which will map differently to bit depths
depending on the MacOS driver you are dealing with.


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