Byte order in sound drivers

Bryce McKinlay bryce at
Mon Dec 3 09:39:36 EST 2001

Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:

>>The most recent release of XMMS (0.9.5) works correctly for me for both
>>MP3 and WAV files, but not CD audio for which the input plugin returns
>>sound in the native endian-ness.
>So far, I had MP3s working but not WAV nor cdread (blank noise in both
>cases). I didn't yet try 0.9.5 though.

I should mention I was using the "xmms-cdread" plugin from, along with the ide-scsi
driver, to get cd audio going. The built in XMMS "cdaudio" plugin didn't
work for my Ti 500.

>>It depends on the HW you have. Most recent machines don't do HW
>>byteswap, and so accept only big-endian samples. The way this is
>>implemented in our driver currently is a bit weird though, the
>>setformat ioctl won't fail when trying to set an LE format, but
>>it will set the equivalent BE format. So the application is
>>expected to read back the format to figure out what had to be
>Well, the current dmasound behaviour is definitely broken. I'm
>changing it now so that when asked for an _LE format on a chip
>that do only _BE will return -EINVAL.

Interesting, thanks for looking at that. I wonder if the USB audio
driver has the same problem, since I get exactly the same behaviour with
my sound sticks.



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