2.4.17-pre[12]-ben0 trees hang on unsuspend

Derrik Pates dpates at dsdk12.net
Sun Dec 2 15:45:21 EST 2001

I've been trying the latest rsync snaps from your kernel tree
(particularly to fix the time-warp bug that pops up in 2.4.16-ben0), but
I've discovered that these latest trees cause the iBook FireWire that I'm
using to hang up when I try to bring the unit out of suspend mode. The
"sleep" indicator stops pulsating, and the drive spins up - I can hear it
- but it never wakes up. The backlight never comes on, and typing at the
keyboard (into a root shell - I was at a console logged in as root when I
suspended) has no effect, apparently indicating it's really gone.
Rebooting into 2.4.16-ben0 and suspending still works as normal, so I know
it's not hardware.

One thing to note is that normally, when the system comes out of sleep,
the "sleep" indicator below the display flashes one last time before
coming up out of suspend - when using 2.4.17-pre[12]-ben0, I don't get
that "last flash" when I press a key to wake the system.

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