XFree86 4.1 with clgenfb framebuffer

Ani Joshi ajoshi at shell.unixbox.com
Sun Aug 26 03:26:48 EST 2001

I assume you are using the unaccelerated "fbdev" driver, which uses the
shadow framebuffer by default.  To turn it off you must add:

Option "ShadowFB" "no"

As for DPMS, I doubt you are in a DPMS mode unless your dpms settings in
your XF86Config file are really off.  The "fbdev" uses the console _blank
functions for DPMS.

Something to look into is that make sure you're using 8bpp in your
XF86Config and make sure clgenfb has a proper palette setup.


On Sat, 25 Aug 2001, Jeff Rugen wrote:

> I've installed XFree86 4.1 for the powerpc from xfree86.org, and am trying
> to get X working again.  I am using a Motorola Powerstack (prep) with the
> clgenfb framebuffer, and linux 2.2.20pre6.  The console works fine on the
> framebuffer (I only have a framebuffer console in the kernel right now).  I
> have what almost seems to be a working XF86Config file, but when I start X
> (using the startx script), it doesn't work completely.  I get a blank
> screen.  However, when I look at the running processes, xinit. xclock, and
> twm are running with my permissions, and X and 3 xterms are running with
> root permissions (shouldn't the xterms be with my permissions too?).  When I
> quit X, the screen stays blank (though I do see a flicker), and I have to
> reboot to get a display back.  One thing that makes me curious is that the
> shadow framebuffer is being loaded, and I don't specify it in the XF86Config
> file.  (And yes, it is using the config file I think it is using -- the
> output from starting it verifies that).  Another is that it indicates that
> DPMS is enabled (could I be going into DPMS mode and not coming out of it?)
> Does anyone have any suggestions, or alternate XF86Config files I could try?
> I don't remember if I pulled the 2.4 clgen framebuffer code back into my 2.2
> tree, but my tree is based on rsync from vger.samba.org/vger-2.2, so I could
> pretty easily generate a diff on it (though if you'd like this, telling me
> the command to generate the diff would save me the time from looking it up
> :)  ).
> Thanks for any help.
> Jeff

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