Internal airport card works (was Re: Internal airport card not working? (2.4.6-benh))

Jeremy Radlow jtr at
Sun Aug 19 10:46:05 EST 2001

Just following up on a month old problem...

As I discovered, the problem was that I had to explicitly turn off encryption
via iwconfig.  I don't know whether the problem is in the card's firmware
(which I haven't updated yet) or in the driver initialization, but the
airport card works great under 2.4.6, and of course under the latest kernel
- 2.4.9-benh0.


p.s. from /etc/network/interfaces:

auto eth1
iface eth1 inet static
         up iwconfig eth1 key off
         up iwconfig eth1 essid "Apple Network xxxxxx"
         up iwconfig eth1 mode Managed

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