2.4 sleep power consumption patch; final buttons patch

Joseph P. Garcia jpgarcia at execpc.com
Thu Aug 16 19:00:22 EST 2001

Attached is a patch that addresses sleep-time fan activation on wallstreets, and probably other pre-UMA systems.  The code existed in 2.2, and removed in 2.4 for some reason I am unaware of.  The patch is the missing 2.2 code almost verbatim.

the gist:
- mediabay IOBUS_enable/disable at sleep (not sure if its related to the fan)
- sleep notification to control power of MESH SCSI chip's host (most likely cause)

This works on my system.  This should be reviewed and merged at next convenience.  If some system crashes in sleep from it, then just don't have it map mio_base for that system.  Shouldn't affect pismo and later as they shouldn't have MESH.

Not sure about the mediabay mod tho.  It was in 2.2.  <shrug>

I wonder if Darwin forgot about MESH also..  OSX has the fan problem too.


the second attachment is the volume/eject powerbook button NIL support posted a while ago, now in a final form.  Since nobody has had any negative feedback or comments, that too can be merged.  It doesn't break anything.  I promise.  Thanks to Bastien for helping out with this.

Joseph P. Garcia
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