NFSROOT will not work on MY G3 dual

William H. Short, Jr. bshort at
Wed Aug 15 06:04:15 EST 2001

I am working with a DNA VQ750 board running SMP with two processors.  If I
try to boot from ram drive board works great.  I then try mounting and that
works AS LONG AS you use the 'nolock' option.  However, if I compile to boot
NFSROOT it gets to the end just before INIT: and hangs.  Sometimes it prints
kernel stack overflow in some translated address that doesn't really tell me
anything.  I just downloaded 2.4.9p3 and all results are the same.  Also
note that if I remove SMP support it works just fine.  This seems to be a
problem with the NFS support on SMP.  Are there any known problems?  Does
anyone have an idea?

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