Fix for PPC audio devices that can't reendianize samples

Iain Sandoe iain at
Sat Aug 11 04:28:34 EST 2001

> The attached patch adds code to drivers/sound/dmasound/trans_16.c to
> byteswap little-endian audio samples for hardware that needs it (like the
> DACA audio chip in the iBook and iBook FireWire), and also marks the DACA
> in the iBook FireWire as being unable to handle little-endian audio
> samples (in dmasound_awacs.c).

we've been round this loop ;-)))

the reason that the byte-swap code was taken out of trans_16.c is that it
will never be allowed into the kernel.

The way to solve the problem is to:

(a) as you've done, mark the DACA and so on as BE-only (which, I thought was
already done in the latest patches - barring the Keylargo rev.3 detection).

(b) if applications don't work properly with BE-only devs then bang on the
app maintainer (or send patches) to fix it.

Otherise you end up with having to maintain a never-to-be-merged patch
against dmasound (and believe me, that's a PITA).


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