DRI on an iBook2

Bastien Nocera hadess at hadess.net
Sun Aug 5 07:09:59 EST 2001


On PPC, we can't use AGP GART because of the lack of documentation for
the chipsets Apple uses on its motherboards. But we have PCI GART.

Grab the DRM modules sources here: http://xfree86.org/~alanh/

Compile, insmod r128.o, modify your XF86Config to include the dri,
glcore and glx modules, and use 16bpp by default (the iBook2 doesn't
have enough video ram to do OpenGL at 1024x768 at 24bpp).

Start X-Windows and you should be set ;)

glxinfo's first lines will tell you if you got DRI to work.


PS: If you want to see my XF86Config-4, tell me, I'll post it on my site.

Ethan Blanton wrote:

>I see on the DRI project (http://dri.sourceforge.net/) page that the
>ATI Rage128 Mobility chipset is supported by XFree86 DRI.  However,
>I'm not having a whole lot of luck getting anything working on my
>iBook2.  I notice that I *can* turn on the kernel option for the DRM
>and select support for the ATI Rage128.  My question to this list
>before I spend too much time beating my head against this is whether
>or not DRM and/or DRI for the ATI chipsets are supported on LinuxPPC.

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