Rsync access through NAT?

Michel Dänzer michdaen at
Wed Apr 25 06:51:10 EST 2001

Michel Lanners wrote:

> >> > Yup, that seems to be the problem. rsync works again for me on
> >> > penguinppc. So I guess that some device close to doesn't
> >> > support ECN.....
> >
> > Then why can I ping without problems? Because my AXP
> > firewall still runs 2.2.x?
> Maybe because the NAT function on my Cisco 803 is to blame?

NAT is also a suspect of mine - it's the commonality between our cases.

> Cisco might 'accidentaly' support it in normal packet forwarding, but might
> not when doing NAT, since the IP header may need to be rewritten-- probably
> without the ECN bits.

I must admit I don't really know anything about ECN but that the name of the
/proc file is tcp_ecn, right? It kinda implies that ECN is only involved with
TCP, not ICMP or UDP or whatever. In particular, UDP worked fine (DNS lookups)
when TCP didn't.

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