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Tony Mantler nicoya at
Mon Apr 23 22:47:49 EST 2001

At 7:24 AM -0500 4/23/2001, Lars Brinkhoff wrote:
>Tony Mantler <nicoya at> writes:
>> At 4:52 AM -0500 4/23/2001, Lars Brinkhoff wrote:
>> > However, it still seems like one CPU hangs after some time.
>> A friend of mine is having trouble with one CPU hanging in his dual
>> G4 under MacOS X. The symptoms are pretty much (from what he's told
>> me): The system runs for a while, then one of the CPUs goes off into
>> la-la land never to return again.
>The same thing happens to me, as far as I can tell.  Usually after a
>few hours of operation.
>> You may want to check to make sure you don't have a hardware
>> problem.
>Any idea how?  I ran the "Apple Hardware Test" CD without any failure

Other than "Run OS X (Or maybe Darwin) for a while and see if the same
thing happens", I don't know.

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