Sound problem on Blue G3

Christian Groessler cpg at
Mon Apr 23 08:52:16 EST 2001

On 04/22/2001 11:42:48 PM CET "Iain Sandoe" wrote:
>Hi Christian,
>I take it from the first part of your message that sound is OK on the
>g3/beige (I certainly hope so - that's the machine I test most on ;-)

Yes. There it works. (Tested with doom and xmame and "cat xxx >

>> I tried the current PPC patches from (patch-2.4.4-pre4.bz2
>> and linuxppc2.4_vs_v2.4.4-pre4.patch.bz2), but except for a rename of
>> the sound driver module (dmasound_awacs -> dmasound_pmac) nothing
>> changed (I.e. the sound still doesn't work!)
>Hmm.  can you send me the output of "cat /dev/sndstat" please. and tell me
>if you have the "burgundy" sound chip (I think you do).

Here's /dev/sndstat:
PowerMac (AWACS rev 100) DMA sound driver rev 016 :
Core driver edition 01.01 : Built-in Sound driver edition 00.01
        sound.format = 0x8 (unsigned 8 bit)
        sound.speed = 8000Hz (phys. 44100Hz)
        sound.stereo = 0x0 (mono)
        sq.block_size = 32768 sq.max_count = 4 sq.max_active = 4
        sq.count = 0 sq.rear_size = 9568 = 0 sq.syncing = 0

How do I know whether I have the "burgundy" sound chip?

>> How can I get the sound working on the Blue G3?
>well, you could try applying the following two patches (I updated earlier
>this pm):
>(both need to be applied)... you should be able just to "make dep modules"
>and "make modules_install" and go from there.

I will do tomorrow (it's late by now)

>what desktop?
>could you make sure that things aren't getting futzed by the mixer - I know
>this sounds a little dumb - but could you try adjusting the levels of
>speaker and input... even if they look like they are OK.

I thought of this myself, but I installed some mixer programs and xmcd
and set the level to full in all of them. No avail. xmcd starts the CD
but nothing comes out of the speakers.


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