Sound problem on Blue G3

Christian Groessler cpg at
Mon Apr 23 08:23:08 EST 2001


I'm rather new to linuxppc and Macs.
I have now 2 Macs, a Beige G3 and a Blue G3 Tower.

The first one was the beige. The beige G3 can only boot with BootX,
but everything else seems to work. I use Debian 2.2 and stock Linux

I set up the same configuration (Debian 2.2 and 2.4.3) on the blue G3,
and it works despite of the sound. The driver loads (modprobe
dmasound_awacs) but it is silent.

I tried the current PPC patches from (patch-2.4.4-pre4.bz2
and linuxppc2.4_vs_v2.4.4-pre4.patch.bz2), but except for a rename of
the sound driver module (dmasound_awacs -> dmasound_pmac) nothing
changed (I.e. the sound still doesn't work!)

How can I get the sound working on the Blue G3?

Thanks for your help,


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