Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at kernel.crashing.org
Fri Apr 20 20:36:12 EST 2001

>Looks like the uniNorth AGP GART finally made it into the Darwin
>CVS (xnu-4-2/iokit/Drivers/pci/drvApplePCI/AppleMacRiscPCI.[ch]
>and generic i/f defs in xnu-4-2/iokit/IOKit/pci/IOAGPDevice.h).
>Before I dig too deeply into this, has anyone looked into it

It was there for some time ;)

I did look at it, I did also implement a driver for it, and ...
it didn't work. Basically, it looks like UniNorth AGP cannot
make the AGP aperture visible to the CPU. (It may not be the
case with all UniNorth versions, but it was on the G4 I tested

That mean that some hacking similar to what the DRI driver does
for PCIGART is necessary to use it (that is doing mappings of
memory instead of mapping the AGP aperture itself).


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