Weird CD-RW detection w/ SBP-2 on Pismo

Jason E. Stewart jason at
Thu Apr 19 05:13:45 EST 2001

"Daniel Berlin" <dan at> writes:

> James Rose <rosejr at> writes:
> > On 17 Apr 2001, Daniel Berlin wrote:
> >
> > > I'd put my money on a pismo bug.  It appears quite a few changes were
> > > made in the latest apple firmware to firewire. Have you upgraded your
> > > pismo to it yet? (I use it without any trouble)
> >
> > I upgraded my firmware and it works fine now.. thanks everyone. If I get
> > time, I'll try to investigate that SCSI mode sense thing that James G.
> > mentioned.
> Can we put this in the FAQ somewhere?
> Personally, I only noticed the firmware upgrade improved things by
> accident.
> It seems to fix problems.

Ah, so this may explain the problems I've had getting your fixes to
work with my Pismo.

What version of OF should I be upgrading to? Is there a pointer that
explains how one upgrades OF?

Sincing screwing up OF is bad, I'd really like to do it correctly, and
I really want firewire working...


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