XF4, SysRq, VT, mouse buttons, Keymaps and all that

Tony Mantler nicoya at apia.dhs.org
Wed Apr 18 13:40:39 EST 2001

At 7:28 PM -0500 4/17/2001, Iain Sandoe wrote:
>The frustration is that the keycodes are listed in
>/proc/sys/dev/mac_hid/mouse_buttonX_keycode - but finding out which physical
>key combination relates to the numbers doesn't appear to be trivial.

I think if you enable linux keycodes on the console, then use showkeys, you
can get the proper values to plug into those files.

Bit of a PITA, but at least they'll (hopefully) always be consistant.

Cheers - Tony 'Nicoya' Mantler :)

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