XF4/2.4.4p1/upgrade woes..

Iain Sandoe iain at sandoe.co.uk
Sun Apr 15 11:58:07 EST 2001


I've just done the upgrade to XF4.0.99.2b and the 'necessary' other rpms to
enable this...

1/ 2.4.4-p1 I can't get it to build (from BK_2_4) without copying cputable.h
from ben's tree - is my BK tree broken - or is the file missing?

2/ I've lost all "special" keys, SysRq, VT switching etc. (I think this
happened as a result of the 'necessary' upgrades to other rpms - rather than
the XF4 install directly)...

3/ ati mach64 doesn't come up (log avail on request - it's rather large to
post)... do I need Ani's rsync tree?

I've tried with & without acceleration enabled...

(fbdev *does* work - but it's a bit of a backward step from Xpmac)...

any help appreciated...

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