466MHz iBook SE DVD/Firewire + XF4

Steve "Loco3KGT" Gula loco3kgt at creepingdeath.com
Thu Apr 12 06:57:05 EST 2001

Has anyone had success with making this (re: subject) work yet? Best I've
done is with a 2.2.18 kernel using the fbdev driver instead of the r128. And
that only happens when I compile XF4.0.3 myself, which for some reason
doesn't build any ati or r128 drivers. If I use the "current" stuff from
http://ftp.linuxppc.org/users/kfukui/XF4xcurrent/ X gets absolutely nowhere.
If anyone has any suggestions on how to make it work, or further steps I
could take to try and make it work, I'm all ears. I've spent so many hours
on it already, that I'm not about to give up. Thank.

--Steve "Loco3KGT" Gula

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