Linux 2.4 on 2001 G4

Lars Brinkhoff lars at
Tue Apr 10 18:29:47 EST 2001

Benjamin Herrenschmidt <benh at> writes:
> >How is the SMP support for the Dual 533MHz G4 in your tree?
> It should work but some of my latest stuffs were not tested on SMP

It seems to hang in smp_core99_kick_cpu(), probably when the CPU takes
the exception.  I inserted some debug messages around the call to
mdelay() like so:

 if (ppc_md.progress) ppc_md.progress("!", 0);
 if (ppc_md.progress) ppc_md.progress("smp_core99_kick_cpu: after mdelay", 0);

When booting, "!" is printed, but the other message is not.

Is there anything else I can do to diagnose the problem?

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