[Acpi] acpi=no-idle should be automatic

Grover, Andrew andrew.grover at intel.com
Fri Apr 6 03:05:50 EST 2001

Actually, I almost did this very thing a few months ago, but at the time
there didn't seem to be much interest in PM so I didn't think it worth the
hassle, especially since phobos already existed for ACPI, and they've been
very responsive to requests.

Whatever you want to add is fine by me - my only concern is that someone's
gotta maintain it, and unless someone else volunteers, I'd think that would
be you, Matthew. ;-)

Regards -- Andy

> From: Matthew Locke [mailto:mlocke at mvista.com]
> "Grover, Andrew" wrote:
> > Device power management specifically does not require ACPI.
> That's why I
> > requested that a second listserv (linux-power) be set up
> for non-ACPI PM
> > discussions. I'm hoping that PM development will be
> accelerating, and will
> > use that list, just to keep the distinction clear.
> What about creating a project on sourceforge.net for power management?
> It might help to have a site dedicated to power management in
> general.
> That way we have a central resource for all info, code, etc across
> architectures.  I know the ppc guys have done a lot of work
> already with
> power management.
> We could call it
> linux-pm, it helps you get your zzzzZZZZZs:)
> Matthew Locke
> Montavista Software, Inc
> http://www.mvista.com

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