Hang Mounting HFS CDROM with 2.4.3 final kernel

Halfmann, Klaus klaus.halfmann at feri.de
Thu Apr 5 15:54:53 EST 2001

> gwiz% hpmount /dev/cdrom
> (null): /dev/cdrom: Neither Wrapper nor native HFS+ volume
> header found (Unknown error 4294967295)
> > Can you create an image from the disk (with dd) and does it show the
> > same problems ? (Id like to get that image, but I fear it may be to
> > large for a reasonable download/test. I only have an iBook :/ )
> Thanks for the tip.  Mounting the disk image works fine.  For the
> benefit of others that might encounter this problem and search the
> archives, the necessary commands are:
> 	dd if=/dev/cdrom of=cdrom.image
> 	mount -t hfs cdrom.image /mnt -o loop
Mmh, so reading via fopen() etc. on /dev/cdrom etc. works different than
on disk. This looks like a problem with the driver, so it may not be
the (direct) fault of the hfs kernel driver.

> > This is using the built-in DVD ROM drive on a dual G4 (but only
> > running a UP kernel).  I can mount an HFS disk without any problem.

Can someone comment on the status in this Driver. Is there something
new/different there ?

 	Klaus Halfmann

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