Iain Sandoe iain at
Thu Apr 5 11:45:23 EST 2001

Hi List,

I'm doing quite well at making an OF device-trees collection, but I'm
missing a few (this is to try and match dmasound_pmac better to the
different Pmac H/W).

I've already parsed all the ones suse has on-line.
Thanks to dmasound testers who've supplied theirs.

I'd like:

pre-9500 machines.


iMac rev B & C

iBook (other than PowerBook2,1)

Pismo (other than PowerBook3,1)

G4 PowerBook

G4 machines with "device-tree:compatible" settings:
PowerMac3,2 PowerMac3,3

If anyone could spare 10 minutes to generate & mail me an html version of
their device-tree I can point them at a script to do it.

please mail me off list if you can help.

I'll post the collection on penguinppc in the near future.

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