Hang Mounting HFS CDROM with 2.4.3 final kernel

Bill Fink billfink at capu.net
Wed Apr 4 13:09:11 EST 2001

With a BenH 2.4.3 final kernel, if I do:

	mount -t hfs /dev/cdrom /mnt

the system locks up solid (mouse stops moving and can't switch to
a virtual console) with no error messages (I also tried it from a
virtual console but no error messages there either).  The only
recourse is to hit the reset button to power cycle the machine.
This is using the built-in DVD ROM drive on a dual G4 (but only
running a UP kernel).  I can mount an HFS disk without any problem.

This isn't actually a major issue to me personally (at least at
the moment), but I thought I should go ahead and report it.  I
discovered it because I was trying to get the MacOS ROM file from
my MacOS 9.0.4 CDROM for use with MOL.


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