2.4.3 on Lombard

Stefan Berndtsson stefan at nocrew.org
Tue Apr 3 01:11:03 EST 2001

I tried compiling 2.4.3 (rsync from penguinppc.org::linux-2.4-benh) on
my Lombard, with a very similar setup to the 2.4.0 I'm currently running.
It hung in the early boot stage, so I disabled the early boot text thing,
and then the firmware prints:

... ok
copying OF device tree...done
Calling quiesce ...
returning 01400000  from prom_init

At this point it hangs indefinitely.

2.4.0 (older rsync from linuxppc.org::linux-pmac-devel) boots just fine
on the same hardware.

I have no idea what to try now. .config can be found at:


...and the older kernel config at:


Thankful for help,


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