xine, ppc and illegal instructions

Michel Dänzer michdaen at
Mon Apr 2 05:39:40 EST 2001

Bill Fink wrote:

> I updated to the latest Paulus rsync kernel (2.4.3-pre8) and the
> latest gcc (2.95.3-2v) and 2.1 glibc (glibc-2.1.3-15g) from Franz,
> but unfortunately none of this helps.  xine 0.4.01 still gets
> illegal instructions (sometimes it gets a segmentation fault
> instead).

Have you tried other kernels? A lot of people including me have experienced
sporadic signals, most often with ldconfig, with Paulus' tree. I'm running
BenH's tree now and haven't seen it yet.

This is not to call Paulus' tree lame or anything. :) It's just that he
apparently has rather experimental stuff in it, which can always lead to

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