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Tony Mantler nicoya at apia.dhs.org
Mon Apr 2 04:32:11 EST 2001

At 12:04 PM -0500 4/1/2001, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
>Tell me what result you get with that.

I got the linux-2.4-benh from rsync.penguinppc.org (I assume this is the
up-to-date one) around noontime today, and got a crash after arch:exit on
my 9600/200mp.

xmon sez:

cpu 0: vector: 300 at pc = c0006c18, lr = c01c3518, msr = 1032, sp =
c01a3320 [c01a3270]
dar = cc000000, dsisr = 40000000
current = c01a14a0, pid = 0, comm = swapper
0:mon> t
backtrace c01c33ec c01c0a40 c01c06b4 36b0

One sec while I reboot and check the System.map...

c0006c18 (pc) is in flush_icache_range
c01c3518 (lr) is in pmac_pic_init
co1a14a0 (current) is init_task_union
c01c33ec (bt) is in pmac_pic_init
c01c0a40 (bt) is in init_IRQ
c01c06b4 (bt) is in start_kernel

Cheers - Tony 'Nicoya' Mantler :)

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