Sound stoppage

Michael R. Zucca mrz5149 at
Sun Apr 1 14:01:44 EST 2001

First, I've recently discovered that the problem isn't limited to sound.
I've also noticed that my Adaptec SCSI card has bouts of timeouts.
Something I wasn't aware of before.

Ok, so I had a sec this weekend and I wanted to quickly see if the PCI
timing hack that Ben described worked. Now, perhaps I wrote it wrong, but I
noticed that I still get the sound stoppage as well as disk burps. Nothing
seems to have improved :-(

I'm hacking on a 2.2 snapshot at the moment (yes, yes, I'll get 2.4 as soon
as I can!) :-)

Here's a snippet I added to the end of init_bandit() in pmac_pci.c:


#if 1
	/* PowerCenter PCI timing hack */
	out_le32(bp->cfg_addr, (1UL << BANDIT_DEVNUM) +
	out_8(bp->cfg_data, BANDIT_POWERCENTER_HACK_DATA) ;
	printk(KERN_INFO "PowerCenter PCI timing hack enabled.\n") ;

Any thoughts?

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