Fwd: CPU features

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at kernel.crashing.org
Sun Apr 1 03:14:33 EST 2001

>Please fix your typo in arch/ppc/kernel/feature.c
>it's in void feature_core99_kick_cpu(int cpu_nr)
>feature_core99_kick_cpu(int cpu_nr)
>     if (!keylargo_base || nr > 3 )    <-- cpu_nr ?
>I guess, that nr is your typo.
>Is it cpu_nr   ?
>Please fix it where compile stop.

Right, I didn't test it on SMP yet. I've pushed that fix to my
devel tree along with a few other stuffs & updated to 2.4.3.
The rsync should be up-to-date in a few minutes.

Please tell me if the dual G4 kicks properly the other CPU as
I changed the way it's done but didn't have a chance to test my
new code yet.


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