new aic7xxx driver DOES NOT WORK with cdrecord

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at
Sun Apr 1 03:14:14 EST 2001

>A little while ago I reported a puzzling change to scsi behavior in
>the 2.4.3 kernels.  I didn't get any explanation of what was going on,
>but after burning half a dozen coasters on a scsi CD-R, testing
>various kernel configs, I think I finally understand what's happening.
>A completely new driver for aic7xxx was introduced in 2.4.3, or
>thereabouts, and it just doesn't work for CD-Rs.  For now it's still
>possible to load the old driver (CONFIG_SCSI_AIC7XXX_OLD), which I
>only just discovered, and this driver works fine.  But according to
>the documentation, support for this will supposedly be removed soon.
>Who should I report this problem to? Does Adaptec write these linux
>drivers or is it done by a volunteer working on his/her own?  Ideally
>I'd like to use the newer driver, if it can be made to work properly.
>At the very least I'd like to ensure that the old driver isn't removed
>before the new one works.

The new driver is written & maintained by Justin T. Gibbs
<gibbs at>, who is, I think, supported (or working for)
Adaptec. It's supposed to be _much_ better than the old one (and
actually gives better throughput on the 29160N in my G4).

Justin is pretty responsive to problem reports, I would suggest
you contact him and eventually CC to the linux-kernel mailing
list. I think he does have a PPC to test with.


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