xf 4.0.1 + ati driver with rage II/rage pro

Michael Schmitz schmitz at opal.biophys.uni-duesseldorf.de
Sat Sep 30 06:40:13 EST 2000

> > That's not fixable at the X level (well, technically it is but I can't
> > figure out how and the X people refuse to consider that method). You will
> > need to boot via OF and yaboot (or equivalent oldworld) directly, not via
> > BootX to avoid the PCI resource conflict. Alternative: fix the resource
> > conflict at the kernel level, new patch by me in the works.
> Hmm if you think that its fixable in the X level then we should give it
> a try, i can't see how though unless we get X to accept this allocations
> (are they legal ?). Any relocation is going to break the fbdev side since
> there is no way to inform the atyfb driver about this changes.

I think it is fixable at the X PCI probe level, I just don't know how to
do it (can you say entangled web of maze?).

Another idea (strictly in the Unix tradition): X knows how to mess up the
PCI config from user space so why shouldn't we, before X gets a shot at
it? 'Just' write the correct mapping to the offending BAR from a rc
script. Obvious drawback: the kernel OF tree won't be updated, and the
kernel can't safeguard against insane BAR settings (at least I can't tell
how that would work, one of the PCI gurus please enlighten me). Makes a
nice local DOS tool.

(Don't tell me that's been done already - something like PCI PNP utils
for Linux, anyone?)


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