Compile errors on kernel source from

Robert M. Fuhrer rmf at
Sat Sep 23 14:10:55 EST 2000

I rsync'ed twice from, and although it clearly got many
files (the first time around), the source wouldn't compile.  The first of
many batches of errors cropped up in


which sees no definition of the type 'elevator_t', as well as a few other
"elevator"-related types.

Granted, I rsync'ed on top of an existing 2.2.15pre9 source tree, but I
gave rsync the "--delete" and "-u" flags, which I thought should have
given me a fairly clean and up-to-date tree.  No?

The precise rsync cmd I used was

  rsync -avuz .

If my rsync cmd was ok, am I wrong in expecting the linux-pmac-stable
tree to compile cleanly?

Or, failing all of the above, what's wrong?

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