Re; 2.4.0-test9 on B&W G3

Benjamin Herrenschmidt bh40 at
Sat Sep 23 08:37:53 EST 2000

>The pci_enable_device() in your changeset is not enough, unfortunately.
>My Promise Ultra66 (which others, including Andre Hedrick also use)
>doesn't identify as an IDE storage controller:
>[mlan at piglet ~]$ lspci
>00:0b.0 Host bridge: Apple Computer Inc. Bandit PowerPC host bridge (rev 03)
>00:0d.0 Unknown mass storage controller: Promise Technology, Inc. 20262
>(rev 01)
>Would it be possible to select on mass storage in general? If that is an
>'official' classification, that is...

Well, we could. That is supposed to remain a temporary hack until we find
a better way to tell the IDE driver to stop avoiding disabled cards if
told so by the arch.


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