dual head r128

Michel Dänzer daenzerm at student.ethz.ch
Thu Oct 12 06:09:08 EST 2000

Josh Huber wrote:

> > Have you built X yourself? If yes, you need patches from Ani Joshi. The
> > memory and clock values it probes are obviously bogus.
> > Wait a minute, I see you are using debs, which should contain Ani's stuff.
> > Does aty128fb work on the second card? If yes, try Option "UseFBDev".
> Yeah, I'm using the debs, but it looks like the latest xserver-xfree86
> ppc packages are still at phase2v5, while the other packages are up to
> phase2v15.  Perhaps the code is just a little too old?

I guess it's because Branden doesn't build the powerpc debs himself or Ani's
patches didn't apply cleanly anymore.

> BTW, no...I don't have aty128fb working on the secondary head -- is
> there some option to tell the driver to scan for all cards?  does it
> do this by default?

I think you need to add a second video=aty128fb and/or video=map:000001 or
similar. Oh, and while we're at it, maybe you also need the libfbdevhw.a from
http://n.ethz.ch/student/daenzerm/download/X4-fbdev-test.tar.bz2 for the
second head to work with fbdev.

> The secondary card is a PC card, so it's not initialized by OF, but I
> think the r128 fb driver does a proper initialization of the card, so
> that shouldn't be the problem.

AFAIK it may be a problem with 2.2 kernels (for aty128fb) though.

> btw, I'm using the debian kernel that shipped with potato -- perhaps I
> should try a newer one?  ben's or a 2.4 kernel perhaps?

That might be a good idea at any rate.


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